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Month: February 2016

My unconventional (yet effective) writing process

Writing outside with a cup of tea.

Writing is best done outside with a cup of tea.

When I begin any new writing project, I’m filled with fear

I doubt my capabilities

I question how I arrived in this predicament

What will come out?

Will it be any good?

Do I have anything original to say?

Why couldn’t I just be a numbers person and settle into a cush office job manipulating Excel spreadsheets? But alas …

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Where I’m Headed and How I’ll Get There

When she had hair.

When she had hair.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of being introduced.

I sat in front of a small audience while someone read about “my work” intending to capture their attention.

This was not the first time another has set the stage before I addressed a crowd, but it was the first time that “my work” was so unarguably all mine. Dancing, writing, meditating, blogging, this is how I make my way in the world. Some of these activities pay, most do not, but I get by.

Hearing another affirm that my existence is entirely what I’ve made it, felt, for some reason, entirely inconceivable. It was as if my secret desires and solitary aspirations were finally being recognized as actualities. Kelsey Blackwell is a full-time creative. Wait, how did that happen?

Riding this wave of affirmation, I awoke this morning bursting with ideas to make “my work” more fabulous, more important, more lucrative, starting with this blog.

Where to begin? SEO? An actual logo? More categories across the nav bar? And for that matter, what about all the things that need to be done? Why stop with writing projects? Don’t I need to go to the store? Should I throw in a load of laundry …

Naturally, this led to complete overwhelm. I slept in, started the day with a cookie, and went on a walk. Continue reading

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