Building community is to the collective, as spiritual practice is to the individual. –Grace Lee Boggs

Finding or building community starts with shared values and beliefs. Write down three or four deeply held values or beliefs about the way you see the world and what’s important to you.

Community. In community, we can feel a sense of belonging. From this place, we can feel the confidence to leap into the world with our fullness and our longings. We are hard-wired to live in community, but live in a post-modern society of individualism and separation. I believe in the necessity of bringing people back together.
Expression. Each of us is an artist. Our art forms are unique and various but I believe are very much needed in this world as we do the work of restructuring our society to be more fair, just, inclusive and alive. I believe in supporting the expression of others – even if I do not agree with it. When we come forward with our fullness, there’s a possibility of growing and learning together.
Equality. We live in a society that overwhelmingly burdens people of color. I value deepening our understanding of this truth and dismantling systems and organizations that perpetuate it.
Embodiment. We will not be integrated until we are integrated, which is to say social justice hinges on reconnecting with our bodies – our feelings, our vulnerability, our aches and pains, all of it is communicating something vital for our personal and collective well being.

“To get an invitation, you have to give an invitation.”
Who will you invite to the table in 2018, and what form will this take?

Impact Hub: I would like to invite this organization to bring embodiment into their community by supporting me to offer a weekly gathering.
Faith Adiele: I would like to deepen my friendship with Faith by continuing to support her public readings and classes and inviting her to my own when the time comes.
Adrienne Maree Brown: An invitation to explore the role of embodiment in emergent strategy. This would be offering her my vision and embodiment guide for leaders.
Shambhala Community: An invitation to host an embodiment workshop for leaders.
Writing Community: To read some of my pieces in hopes of being accepted into this community.

Jeffrey Davis Instigation
Who inspires you?

Kristie Blanch: Everything she takes on she executes to the best of her ability.
Adrienne Maree Brown: Fierce activist, writer and facilitator weaving all parts of her identity together in her work.
Zinzy Clemmons: Bi-racial fiction novelist, dedicated to her craft and sharing the experience of her identity.
Rachel Cole: Beautiful messaging and visuals, regular communication and offerings for her audience.
Carolyn North: Writer, dancer, mystic, activist living purposefully and coloring outside the lines for a better society.