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When she had hair.

When she had hair.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of being introduced.

I sat in front of a small audience while someone read about “my work” intending to capture their attention.

This was not the first time another has set the stage before I addressed a crowd, but it was the first time that “my work” was so unarguably all mine. Dancing, writing, meditating, blogging, this is how I make my way in the world. Some of these activities pay, most do not, but I get by.

Hearing another affirm that my existence is entirely what I’ve made it, felt, for some reason, entirely inconceivable. It was as if my secret desires and solitary aspirations were finally being recognized as actualities. Kelsey Blackwell is a full-time creative. Wait, how did that happen?

Riding this wave of affirmation, I awoke this morning bursting with ideas to make “my work” more fabulous, more important, more lucrative, starting with this blog.

Where to begin? SEO? An actual logo? More categories across the nav bar? And for that matter, what about all the things that need to be done? Why stop with writing projects? Don’t I need to go to the store? Should I throw in a load of laundry …

Naturally, this led to complete overwhelm. I slept in, started the day with a cookie, and went on a walk.

“Ok self, “I said, “let’s get real. Rather than today tinkering with significantly overhauling everything and thus getting nowhere, let’s start with one thing. Let’s start with the big picture. Why not write a new bio looking 10 years down the road?”


It may seem odd that my to-do list includes not really doing anything of significance, but I think this little project will prove useful in the following way: when I’m myopically focused on a small detail, frustrated and on the brink of a Netflix marathon, the new bio will help me stay the course. It will remind me to put one word after another, and that yes, I have a plan.

So, here it is:

Kelsey Blackwell Celebrates,


Twirls quinoa noodles in cashew cream,
And kisses the present moment.

She is an author, poet, dancer and teacher.

Featured by The Sun

On her blog: The Marvelous Crumb,
Kelsey transparently shares
The little things that foster connection and appreciation

Look for her forthcoming memoir: How To Be Yourself

Kelsey’s work honors Vulnerability
Mindfulness and
the Beauty of a perfect meal

She lives in the Bay area with her forever family.

I share this with you because I believe we can hold each other’s dreams and help nudge them along. By seeing our friends imbued in the halo of their inner-most desires we give these ideas life and breath. The impossible becomes just a matter of time …

Kind of like:

“Oh my friend Nicole, she’s starting her own charcuterie business, Heart & Smoke. So cool!”

“You don’t Katrin? Well, she’s a wilderness therapy expert and amazing dharma teacher.”

See how that works?

No, I have not been published in The Sun or even submitted a manuscript. But together can see my name on the contributors page and taste the subsequent champagne.   Who’s to stay it’s not right around the corner?

Now, it’s your turn.

Will you share your future bio with me? The more outlandish, silly and seemingly out of reach, the better. I don’t care if you steal it from someone you admire and replace their name with yours. I don’t care if some of these things are humanly impossible. All that matters is that you believe in your heart of hearts that it can be true. Together, we can make it so.



  1. Delicious! Enjoying the crumbs and love sharing them with others!

  2. My Bio

    Danese Blackwell

    Mother, Free Thinker, Intuitive Leaning

    Master at turning joy into part of daily living. Seeker of positivity and interactions with bright spirits surrounding us. Inquisitive, constantly open to possibility.

    Works: Travel, Film, Music

    Loves: See above, joined by delightful family, dearest of friends and tiny Yorkie named GioVanni l. Amidst tasting menus with wine pairings

    Projects: Evolving but requiring thoughtful training, Wines, Real Estate, Entrepreneurial ventures, Immersion into the Unique across the globe.

    Please Contact Immediately if receptive and unafraid.

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