I’m tired. I’m bloated. I’m grinning like a jackal in a pumpkin field.

Today was spent cleaning up the wreckage of last night’s birthday bonanza. Wine bottles have been recycled, cake sectioned into individual slices and frozen, and purple glitter removed from the jar of salsa–seriously, how did that get in there?

While some people may prefer to scoot past this yearly marker, I chose to celebrate with reckless abandon. That means today I’m paying in yawns and general dis-ease  but it was worth every calorie and polished off bottle.

Our mural of Love was posted in North Berkeley at the culmination of our evening. And …  this just in, it remained through the night and all day.  No neighborly contributions have been made–yet. Yes, that’s a mattress in the foreground for real-time viewing pleasure. Now I must hit the hay.