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Riding the Sadness and Joy of the Season

Sadness & Joy

The darkness comes quickly.

These days the sand moves rapidly through the hourglass narrow. There’s a sense of being squeezed by time. There are emails to send, stories to edit, friends to check in with and gifts to purchase. With each tick of the clock, my hopes for getting it all done before the New Year take another step further from reach. And yet, though many items will likely slip through this arbitrary deadline, I’m not 100-precent frantic. Amid the whir of the season, my body refuses to be rushed.

The cold and dark of winter calls me to slow down, sleep, look inward, feel whatever I may be feeling and seek comfort with bowls of popcorn, fuzzy blankets, warm drinks, yoga, music, dance and books. I feel the stark contrasts of the season — joy and sadness, day and night, togetherness and solitude, internal and external. The back and forth, dislodges memories. Tears and laughter arrive at unexpected times. I’m so tender.

Holiday tough with the kookies

In carving out time to be with this volatility, I hope to come back to you refreshed and ready for 2017. My wish is that all who read this also embrace a practice being with, feeling and showering in self-love. Please share your resources and words of wisdom in the comments. I believe that any and all tools will be needed for fearlessly meeting the year ahead.

Thank you for reading, commenting and offering words of love. Your marvelous crumbs have provided such incredible nourishment on this blogging journey. See you in the New Year. XO, KB


  1. Yes, this is a time for nourishment. Sometimes all the outside activities make it hard to get that needed nourishment from the dark (like the dark of the earth for the bulb, the dark of the womb), but it’s important to find the time. I’ve found that I just have to put aside my daily routines (writing in the morning, teaching in the afternoon) and find a spot of time in the midst of all the holiday rush to be alone. I’m visiting family and last night I stayed up until everyone was in bed and danced a solstice prayer. So centering.

  2. I’ve loved these crumbs! Enjoy the time off, and here’s to lots of art and dancing in 2017 🙂

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